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What's better than chocolates on V-Day?

Our signature #SIPandKISS TEA GRAMS! They're back...but not for long. Choose from 6 gourmet gift baskets, each specially made to woo your one and only cup of tea. Our TEA GRAMS brew the playful and lovey-dovey spirit of Cupid. You lovebirds will sip and kiss long after V-Day is over. 

Special Offer: Each gift set comes with a free perfect tea spoon, free 20 gram mystery tea, free shipping and your personal steamy love note. 

Want A Custom Gift Basket? Just send us a note with your request at customerservice@tealeafco.com.  

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Sip Safely &

Big Tea Love! 

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Happy Holidays Brew Bandits!

Not oolong until Saint Nick pops in for a cuppa – EXCI-TEA-ING! But, this also means the hotly an-tea-cipated office party and awkward secret Santa gif-tea-ing. What do you buy for work colleagues with more personalities than a z-list reali-tea show?

Don’t fret Tea Geeks - Tea Leaf Co. elves to the rescue! We’ve got tea treats for the entire crew and holiday savings up to 35% for you (includes weekly December deals on featured teas)!

On The ‘NICE’ List – Office Crush
Take your flir-tea-ing at the photocopier up a notch with our Seduction’ Chai tea. Spicy, sweet and alluring, this cinnamon, floral blend will guarantee you a dangerous tea-aison at the Christmas bash.

On The ‘NAUGHTY’ List – Pushy Boss
Fed-up with your boss bursting a blood vessel over a poorly made cuppa? Not anymore. They'll chill their mugs out with Tea LC’s Stay Calm and Relax. With chamomile and lavender, this blend is double the calm. It’ll soothe their nerves … and hostili-tea towards Christmas bonuses. WIN!

On The ‘BORING’ List – An-tea-social Colleague
There's one in every office with the charisma of a gone-off genmaicha! Give them more va va brew-m with our Rock Star Rockin’ Berry’ white tea. The mix of refined Ben Mu Dan tea and refreshing berries is the fruity taste combination to put some pep into their step! 

And our final advice brew fansstay safe and par-tea responsibly. 
Don't drink and drive. Brew tea and survive.

Merry Chrimbo one and all!


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Season's Gree-TEA-ings, Brew Nerds! 


Chris-tea-mas is almost upon us! That magical time of year when we decide between one mince pie or two? Two cups of mulled wine tea, or three? Who to buy or who not to buy for? 

Math lessons aside – we’ve pinned down a few gif-tea-ing ideas for the family this fes-tea-ve season (and more holiday tea puns up our sleeve, don't brew worry!).

Holiday Gif-TEA-ing Ideas


MOM says not to get her anything...which means definitely get her something 
Bolster mom’s super powers for heavy duty holiday preparations with our STRENGTH tea. It’s an overload of antioxidants and happiness inducing ingredients, which she’ll LOVE (and quite frankly need)!

An alternative to socks, toffee and whisky for DAD
Get Dad to step away from the bourbon this Christmas with SOUL GOOD apple cider oolong. A year round bestseller, it’s all the taste of cider without Dad's tone deaf singing afterwards.

For BROTHER  who already has everything 
Help him stock up with EPIC DAY English Breakfast, a tea cupboard staple. You will see him racing through to-do lists at breakneck speed.

For SISTER  who is pickier than a tea taster for Harrods

Treat her to SPIRIT, our popular vanilla Earl Grey blend. Revered for its refined notes of sweet creamy vanilla, even she won't want to return this gift on Boxing Day. WIN!

For YOUR OTHER HALF - Say 'I love you' without getting twisted up in knots

For the main rein-tea-r in your life, our SWEET NOTHINGS cafe caramel black tea will hit their tea-spot. A decadent blend of black tea, sweet honeyed caramel and whole pieces of coffee beans, it sings 'I adore you, tea-nsel toes.'


So, go on little brew elves. Make your loved ones’ holiday tea-son with a cup o’cheer from Tea Leaf Co. Shop Now


Big tea love!

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* 25% Off coupon is valid until 11:59 PM EST on Friday, November 27th, 2015. 
** Featured teas are on sale 10% at our site until 11:59 PM EST on Tues. December 1st, 2015. 

It's safe to say summer has unofficially begun! (Right?!) And nothing says summer quite like a sweaty glass of sweet tea sipped on the front porch (or balcony) on a lazy Sunday morning.  

I first discovered sweet tea on a trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina nearly 10 years ago. I think I became convinced I was a southern gal in a former life because aside from my obsession with the sun and beach, I love love love the south for it's Amazon like trees, colonial style homes, good old fashion comfort food accompanied by an icy glass of fresh brewed sweet tea. This and strawberry picking! (Which I religiously did every year as a little girl). Ah the fond memories of child hood days. The summers seemed to last forever, the days were long and hot. Life was good. 

So to relive some of those carefree summer days as kids, here's a Strawberry Hibiscus Sweet Tea recipe I'd like to share and pass on. It's super easy. 


  • 2 cups whole fresh strawberries 
  • 32 fluid ounces brewed tea that's been cooled (recommend Crush On You Strawberry Hibiscus tea) :)
  • 1/4 cup of organic cane sugar 
  • 1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 6-7 lemon slices
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Dash of baking soda


  1. Set aside 5 whole strawberries
  2. With the remaining strawberries, blend in a blender until smooth
  3. Strain the pureed berries, discard seeds
  4. Mix pureed strawberries, tea, lemon juice, baking soda and cane sugar
  5. Add in the 5 strawberries and lemon slices
  6. Garnish with mint
  7. Chill until ready to serve
  8. Sit back, relax and sip slowly under the sun


Until Sunday (June 14th), our top selling summer teas are on sale 15% OFF at our site.

I want to wish you a healthy and beautiful start of a fresh new season! I also hope that you will recreate as many child hood summer days as possible! Make this one last. 

With plenty of love and tea,


Real Pics - Real Tweets - Real Posts from the loyal customers, friends and fans of Tea Leaf Co. This page is dedicated to the special peeps who make Tea Leaf Co. possible. Sorry we couldn't fit everyone's post here! Do know that we are humbled and grateful for all the shares and posts. We are a lucky bunch to have such amazing love and support! 

Tonight's #memoryball prep is fueled by @tealeafco!

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Tea Leaf Co! Ordered sometime last week. I noticed their Instagram when they liked a tea post I did, checked them out and saw they were Canadian and in Toronto(pricing in CND). Signed up for their website/reward program and right away the delightful Steph, the founder emailed me to be my personal tea shopper! She was extremely nice, helpful and wonderful in the many emails we exchanged. In the end I ordered 8 teas a few days later with her help(and during an herbal tea sale) and she threw in 3, 5g samples and a full 20g large sample(thank you!)! As soon as I opened the box and cut open all the teas, they were super, super lovely and fragrant. Smelled so fresh as well, she told me they blend their own teas in small batches and a plus is everything is 100% organic as well. • Rockstar(berry white tea), Life is a Bowl of Cherries(cherry sencha green tea), Apple of my Eye(honeybush herbal), Golden Sun Kiss(citrus oolong), Wish Upon A Star(green tea), Best Zest(lemon ginger tulsi), Crush on You(strawberry hibiscus white tea), Jubilee(herbal) and the extras are Angel of Mine(rose white tea), Soul Good(apple cider oolong), My Funny Valentine(cinnamon and chocolate black tea) and Spirit(vanilla infused earl). • Rockstar was the first I opened and tried, it smelled like blueberry muffins(and does faintly taste like it too), Crush on You, the second tea, a fizzy strawberry soda scent with a crisp taste and Golden Sun Kiss’s scent was like Orange Crush. Even My Funny Valentine smelled like marzipan or cinnamon buns! Can’t wait to indulge and try every tea over the next week.

Some #TeaLCMoments with Grandma! #SIPandKISS #teagram #TeaLC @tealeafco

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@tealeafco look what arrived today! Can't wait to delve into these new flavours! #SipandSlurp

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After months of discussion, we are pleased to announce Tea Leaf Co.'s partnership with Amazon.com. The research management team behind the online retail giant heard about our movement and has followed our brand's growth and social presence in the specialty tea niche market.

As part of Amazon's continued growth plans to source innovative and best in class products for the thousands of Amazon shoppers, Tea Leaf Co. was selected as the ideal brand addition to it's grocery & gourmet category.

Amazon welcomed us with our very own EXCLUSIVE storefront after qualifying specific criterias such as:

  • Brand Strength
  • Growth Potential
  • Top Rated Consumer Satisfaction
  • Federal Registrations and Certifications

We want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to each and every Tea Leaf Co. friend and client for your support from day one!

If you're proud of our Canadian tea company, show your support and spread the good news!

You can visit our brand new Tea Leaf Co. Amazon storefront by clicking here


Offer ends this Sunday! 

Check out our selection of calming organic herbal teas before Sunday and save 20%! You'll find delicious caffeine free blends, all perfectly light and complimenting for the summery weather that's finally here.   

From lavendar to chamomile and lemon grass, there's something for you to enjoy any time of the day. Grab a few to enjoy solo or with friends and family.  

Best wishes for a safe long weekend!

The lovely Mairlyn Smith, one of Canada's leading food & health experts, public speaker, author/actress and fellow tea lover talks tea on City Line TV hosted by Tracy Moore. And Tea Leaf Co. loose leaf teas were selected and featured on this special episode! 

Watch Ms. Mairlyn show viewers how she brews the perfect cup of loose tea, based on the varying types of teas.  


Let us know what you think and share your preferred/favorite method of brewing tea at our FB page, Twitter, and Instagram @TeaLeafCo

I want to personally thank you for the continued love and support, and for believing in our brand. It was only 2 months from since Tea Leaf Co. was born that this unique opportunity came along. All made possible because of the astounding support from loyal friends and customers who have organically spread the word about our teas. We invite you to stay with us as our little Canadian tea company journeys North America to offer consumers like you, an organically delicious and healthier tea option. 

Wishing you a healthy and bright start to the new season!

Founder & President

Don't forget to #BringInSpring with New Delicious Flavors for your tea cupboard.

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Tea Leaf Co. Organic Loose Leaf Teas On Trend Hunter

Those who follow and stay close to our brand know our deep passion. That is to give tea lovers an authentic tea sipping experience. It's a unique enjoyment and simple pleasure that can only be attained with high quality loose leaf teas. In early Spring, we introduced 5 brand new flavors for consumers to sip and slurp:

Today, we're so pleased to announce that Trend Hunter (the #1 largest Trends and Trend Spotting community) picked up on our what we at Tea Leaf Co. are doing and has featured our exclusive teas as a top trending 2015 Spring tea brand. Read the full article about our trending organic loose leaf tea flavors here

Our team sincerely appreciates the profound support from the real ambassadors and voice of our brand - our loyal customers and friends. The company's steady growth has been a result of your loyalty and support in what we do, which allows us to continue bringing innovative and delicious teas to the waiting world!

Thank you so much for all you do.

Best wishes,


Tea Leaf Co. Founder 

Mothers Deserve The Best Teas She Can Relax To Everyday 

One day out of the year, Mothers everywhere are celebrated around the world. It may be with flowers and a card, brunch or an entire day of being pampered at the spa. 

Whatever gift or act of appreciation it may be, mothers deserve something she can turn to everyday that will sooth and relax - for we all know how tirelessly moms work to provide and care. 

In recognition of all mothers, Tea Leaf Co. is offering exclusive discounts off our entire tea collection. Nothing beats a soul warming cuppa tea for mom to unwind, day after day. 

Wishing all beautiful moms a very deserving and special Mother's Day and Every Day. 


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