Turn A New Leaf This New Year

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What's our specialty? In a nutshell, simply to give you a selection of high quality, healthy, exquisite organic loose leaf teas for the best tea drinking experience like no other. 

It's an amazing wonder that tea is the second most consumed beverage on earth - after water. As often as it's consumed, wouldn't it make the most sense to drink the healthiest of its kind?

For those who currently drink conventional teas, what are the reasons why you would want to switch to organic tea...permanently? There are countless reasons but here's our top 3:

It's simply better for you 

Organic teas are not grown with pesticides as with many regular teas. Non organic teas are sprayed with toxic pesticides & fertilizers and these chemicals are soluble. Which means they seep into the tea leaves and release into your water during steeping. Need we say any more? OK we shall.  

CBC released an exclusive report that shocked the nation on the pesticide traces found in many of the big brand teas offered in supermarkets.  The test results revealed pesticide levels exceed the allowable amount - is there even such thing? 

It's better for the farmers 

Farmers are the first ones to be impacted by the chemicals and pesticides sprayed onto the fields. And surprisingly, many of them spray their crops without basic proper protection of gloves, because these items are just not available. Sadly, these farmers and their families die of cancer every year due to pesticide poisoning over time.  

It's better for the planet  

Conventionally grown tea devastates the environment. Because tea is grown at higher elevations, the chemicals applied to the crops run down mountains and hills to wreak havoc on other farms, forests, rivers and oceans. 

Many of the pesticides used in conventional tea farming contain excess heavy metals and wash downstream to contaminate the soil and water. The fertilizers that get washed down the mountains cause over fertilization of other crops and plants, killing many river and ocean species over time.

In the long-term, the use of fertilizers hardens the soil, making it more and more difficult for the tea plants to grow without more chemicals. This kind of chemical dependence becomes a vicious cycle in which the tea plants, the farmers, the local environment, the environment at large and the tea drinkers all lose.

These astounding facts are well worth considering when making your next tea purchase. It's a New Year and the right time to turn a new leaf. It benefits everyone: you, the farmers and the earth.  

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Stephanie T
Stephanie T


Tea drinking has truly evolved into a rich and celebrated culture, bringing people from all backgrounds together. And we are motivated to take these traditions and culture and bring them to new heights across North America. Our sincere hope is that you will be part of our journey, and that Tea Leaf Co. teas will be a source of health and happiness, enjoyed by you and your loved ones. We hope each time you're enjoying a Tea Leaf Co. cuppa, you'll be reminded that your best days are still ahead.

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