Is Your Tea Always Getting Cold On You?

Introducing the Calm Mom (Calm Dad, Calm Woman, Calm Wife) 30 Day Challenge  

The founders of Tea Leaf Co. and Love What You Eat, Stephanie and Ashley have partnered up to help you gain back control of your day and to pamper yourself for 30 Days.

It's the permission slip you've been waiting for to take 5 minutes out of your day for YOU...just to breathe. It's your escape plan from the constant insanity called MOMMYhood/WOMANhood (Men you're invited too). And it's your new mantra for mental peace. 

Hey if your tea is always turning cold on you because of constant interruption, then you need to jump on the 30 Day Challenge. Like Yesterday. Plus it's FREE. Over 2300 women around the globe have. Join Calmmom today.

And to help get you started on YOUR very own stash of gourmet teas for the Calmmom challenge, we're giving you 15% off our entire loose leaf tea collection. So stash up and get ready for the DAY 6 Challenge. Say #NoMoreColdTea!

Really, don't you deserve this small piece of luxury...everyday?

Of COURSE you do. So let's STASH UP and find a few favorites. Oh and don't forget to enter discount code CalmMom to get 15% off at checkout. 

Stephanie T
Stephanie T


Tea drinking has truly evolved into a rich and celebrated culture, bringing people from all backgrounds together. And we are motivated to take these traditions and culture and bring them to new heights across North America. Our sincere hope is that you will be part of our journey, and that Tea Leaf Co. teas will be a source of health and happiness, enjoyed by you and your loved ones. We hope each time you're enjoying a Tea Leaf Co. cuppa, you'll be reminded that your best days are still ahead.

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