Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Up To 25% OFF

Mothers Deserve The Best Teas She Can Relax To Everyday 

One day out of the year, Mothers everywhere are celebrated around the world. It may be with flowers and a card, brunch or an entire day of being pampered at the spa. 

Whatever gift or act of appreciation it may be, mothers deserve something she can turn to everyday that will sooth and relax - for we all know how tirelessly moms work to provide and care. 

In recognition of all mothers, Tea Leaf Co. is offering exclusive discounts off our entire tea collection. Nothing beats a soul warming cuppa tea for mom to unwind, day after day. 

Wishing all beautiful moms a very deserving and special Mother's Day and Every Day. 


Stephanie T
Stephanie T


Tea drinking has truly evolved into a rich and celebrated culture, bringing people from all backgrounds together. And we are motivated to take these traditions and culture and bring them to new heights across North America. Our sincere hope is that you will be part of our journey, and that Tea Leaf Co. teas will be a source of health and happiness, enjoyed by you and your loved ones. We hope each time you're enjoying a Tea Leaf Co. cuppa, you'll be reminded that your best days are still ahead.

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