Steep Up The Romance With A Valentine's Day Tea Gram

Tea Gram Offer

What's better than chocolates on V-Day?

Our signature #SIPandKISS TEA GRAMS! They're back...but not for long. Choose from 6 gourmet gift baskets, each specially made to woo your one and only cup of tea. Our TEA GRAMS brew the playful and lovey-dovey spirit of Cupid. You lovebirds will sip and kiss long after V-Day is over. 

Special Offer: Each gift set comes with a free perfect tea spoon, free 20 gram mystery tea, free shipping and your personal steamy love note. 

Want A Custom Gift Basket? Just send us a note with your request at  

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Sip Safely &

Big Tea Love! 

Stephanie T
Stephanie T


Tea drinking has truly evolved into a rich and celebrated culture, bringing people from all backgrounds together. And we are motivated to take these traditions and culture and bring them to new heights across North America. Our sincere hope is that you will be part of our journey, and that Tea Leaf Co. teas will be a source of health and happiness, enjoyed by you and your loved ones. We hope each time you're enjoying a Tea Leaf Co. cuppa, you'll be reminded that your best days are still ahead.

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