Tea Leaf Co. Organic Loose Leaf Teas On Trend Hunter

Those who follow and stay close to our brand know our deep passion. That is to give tea lovers an authentic tea sipping experience. It's a unique enjoyment and simple pleasure that can only be attained with high quality loose leaf teas. In early Spring, we introduced 5 brand new flavors for consumers to sip and slurp:

Today, we're so pleased to announce that Trend Hunter (the #1 largest Trends and Trend Spotting community) picked up on our what we at Tea Leaf Co. are doing and has featured our exclusive teas as a top trending 2015 Spring tea brand. Read the full article about our trending organic loose leaf tea flavors here

Our team sincerely appreciates the profound support from the real ambassadors and voice of our brand - our loyal customers and friends. The company's steady growth has been a result of your loyalty and support in what we do, which allows us to continue bringing innovative and delicious teas to the waiting world!

Thank you so much for all you do.

Best wishes,


Tea Leaf Co. Founder 

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