The lovely Mairlyn Smith, one of Canada's leading food & health experts, public speaker, author/actress and fellow tea lover talks tea on City Line TV hosted by Tracy Moore. And Tea Leaf Co. loose leaf teas were selected and featured on this special episode! 

Watch Ms. Mairlyn show viewers how she brews the perfect cup of loose tea, based on the varying types of teas.  


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I want to personally thank you for the continued love and support, and for believing in our brand. It was only 2 months from since Tea Leaf Co. was born that this unique opportunity came along. All made possible because of the astounding support from loyal friends and customers who have organically spread the word about our teas. We invite you to stay with us as our little Canadian tea company journeys North America to offer consumers like you, an organically delicious and healthier tea option. 

Wishing you a healthy and bright start to the new season!

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