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Reaching tea nirvana just got easier and better! As tea-aholics, we know EXACTLY how to get you there. It's our mission possible! We’re guessing that's why you're here. Either that or your Google search for ‘steamy liaisons’ went horribly awry – sorry to disappoint some of you.

Since we're onto your little 'dir-tea' secret, we know that you crave the tea-gasmic feeling in your tummy, relaxation and taste sensation of a steamy loose leaf brew hitting your tea spot. It's understandable. Who wouldn’t want to reach cuppa climax multiple times a day?

Yet achieving tea ecstasy is so damn difficult these days, with more loose leaf tea retailers to choose from than you can shake your infuser at; too many blends of worse quality than Justin Bieber’s voice without auto tune; and more varieties than costume changes at a Florence and The Machine concert.

Luckily, it's our business to take care of fellow brew nerds during these tough tea times. 



  1. We source the good stuff 

Tea Leaf Co. satiates your rampant brew desires by bringing you high grade tea, grown in healthy soil (it drinks wheatgrass smoothies, goes to the gym and everything!), from ethical farms (church-goers every Sunday, you see). As unashamed tea-pushers, we encourage you to experiment with every possible teagasm partner without abusing your wallet, by offering tea samplers in all our products. Isn’t that nice?! Enjoy tea-sers of premium classics like our bold English Breakfast, hand-harvested High Mountain Fujian Oolong, or even a chocolate cinnamon black tea so decadent, it’s often mistaken for dessert. There’s a unique tea for any mood or weather for you to try. 

  1. We make shopping for tea easier than learning ABC

We understand that you don’t have bags of time to shop for your favourite caffeinated drink. You’re doing important things that important people do, like sorting your tax return, writing reports and appearing to work when you're really watching cat videos on YouTube. Busy, busy, busy. Luckily, we fit into your ‘hectic’ schedule by providing a loose leaf tea shopping experience that’s fun, simple and convenient. Our signature collection of 40 flavour-rich, organic craft teas are lovingly teagasm tested using the scientific ‘how much did it make you ooooOOOoooohhh’ system, so our products satisfy every time... and you don’t get irreversible eyestrain searching for the perfect match. How we do look after you.


  1. We’re BFFs with the planet

Earth isn’t like loose leaf varieties – there’s only one. Tea Leaf Co. cares deeply about the health of our humble rock that we call home, so we're meticulous about where our teas and ingredients come from. Our happy, planet-loving farmers and suppliers are just as passionate about quality and the environment as we are. So, you can sleep easy at night that all your teagasms are good, clean and socially responsible ones.

Oh, and don’t panic - we aren’t day dreamers. Tea Leaf Co. is registered with Industry Canada’s official registrar of federally incorporated companies. Get us!




Hi Tea Fanatics, I'm Stephanie. I imagine by this point you think I'm a mad tea hermit, right? Well, you aren’t far wrong, but there is more to the Tea Leaf Co. story than mild insani-tea. 

It began 20 years ago. A young mom, AKA In-tea-ana Jones, I simultaneously juggled college, a full-time job, and warming milk bottles! I know. Clearly I was in line for the ‘Super Human Award’ (not exactly - I came second).

Post college, I landed my dream job in Toronto’s bustling financial district. It felt like I had ‘arrived’, working among elite financiers. Well, not quite. After 14 years of fighting financial statements, strangling spreadsheets, and pouncing on pivot tables, my reign as Bay Street's ‘Accounting Ninja’ had me more physically and emotionally drained than an over steeped oolong. Yes, horrible – I needed a change and I needed it fast.

So I did what all people do when they need to find themselves. No, I did not check the lost and found section, down the back of the sofa. I went on a soul-searching trip to the dreamy island of St. Martin where I fell back in love with life and found hope for a happier future. Before I boarded my flight home, I bought a humble brew to commemorate this epiphany. It was nothing teagasmic, but it was a liquid embodiment of the new life mantra I gained on that trip: no matter what life brings, your best days are still ahead.  

It’s wanting to relive and share this moment of clari-tea with other brew buddies like you, that drove me to don a superhero cape, stick it to the corporate man and start up Tea Leaf Co. Plus, I always wanted a legitimate reason to wear a Wonder Woman costume to work.  

I hope our tea blends contribute to your tea survival arsenal, but most of all, make a small difference to your day as proper, rejuvenating cuppas.

I LOVE receiving tea-mail by the way. So feel free to drop me a message if you want a shopping buddy, need a recommendation or want to ask a real life tea ninja a question. Connect using the form below, and I'll throw in a coupon to save $5 off your first order (who said tea can't buy you friends?). Go on now. Go explore and immerse yourself in a cup of happiness!

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