Tea For Humanity


You may have peeped by now, that the quirky names for each of our teas have somehow found its way from off the pages of your favorite self help book, or from one of Oprah's live well magazines. All we can really say is that our tea names were inspired by everyday people. All uniquely different, yet each driven and motivated by the same things: Love, desire and a passion for something greater. 

Today, tea drinking has evolved into a rich and celebrated culture, bringing people from all backgrounds together. Tea Leaf Co. is determined to take these traditions and culture to new heights. Our sincere hope is that you will be part of this journey, and that Tea Leaf Co. loose leaf teas will be a source of health and happiness, enjoyed by you and your loved ones. And that each time you have a cup of our tea, you will be reminded that your best days are still ahead.

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