The Difference In Our Teas


Tea Leaf Co. organic teas, infused as they are with the spirit of Mother Nature, come with the promise of some of the finest grade loose leaf teas. Our loose teas have a high concentration of health-promoting antioxidants. Once a tea leaf is plucked and processed, its freshness and quality are preserved by ensuring that all teas and ingredients are properly stored and handled, and by only selling tea from the current or most recent growing season. 

Many big-commercial tea companies use pre-blended teas sourced at origin, and over-blend with excessive inclusions. These inclusions not only overpower the natural flavor of the tea, but also diminish its nutritional value. We acquire unblended teas at source and at its peak of freshness. Our blends are then crafted in Canada allowing us to exercise greater control over the quality of the final tea blend. This practice also ensures that the level of flavor never compromises the natural taste of the tea leaves.  

What's The Buzz About?

Our company's reputation has quickly grown mainly by word of mouth in the tea and health community. Experience the feel good sensation in our teas and see why our gourmet teas are highly appreciated and have quickly become an essential staple sought after by tea lovers everywhere. Each blend is uniquely crafted to invoke an authentic tea sipping experience and made to satisfy our addiction and love for tea.

Like many of our customers, you've likely heard about us through the social buzz or landed on our site while doing a search for the best organic loose leaf tea company. Find out what keeps our customers happy and coming back for more. Let's just say that once you've tasted the natural goodness, you'll be proud for giving our teas a go.  

Why Drink Organic Tea? 

Like how sunshine and rain are for the earth, an all-natural and chemical free organic tea is for our bodies. A key to feeling your best is to avoid food and beverages that contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Your health should not be compromised - which is why all our teas are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic and contain only natural, organic compliant essences. This means our products have zero artificial coloring, flavoring, and grown without being sprayed with pesticides and genetic modification.

There is zero artificial flavoring to achieve our teas great taste. An Ecocert Canada certified organic tea also means that chemical pesticides are not used at any stage of production including farming and cultivation. This should be an industry standard but sadly its not. 

While our core focus is the taste and quality of our teas, the organic component is a baseline offering - not a "perk". Our happy customers are a testament to the sultry aroma, bold flavors, clean taste and quality of our teas which truly make Tea Leaf Co. organic teas more pleasurable to drink over other specialty brands. Check out our product reviews to see what our customers are saying.

Demand For Better Offerings

With tea's fast growing popularity and increased demand for better loose leaf tea offerings in North America, Tea Leaf Co. exists to supply a high quality organic tea collection that is bold and invigorating. We begin with the finest quality teas harvested from some of the most remote tea growing regions around the world. Our premium teas are blended in small batches and packaged locally in Canada - not abroad. This gives greater control, consistency and oversight over our products.  

It's Tea Time!

A daily escape and recharge from the hustle and bustle with a soul soothing cuppa Tea Leaf Co. is the healthy balance to living well and being well. Uniquely crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palette, you cannot afford to not indulge in this simple luxury. So go ahead and explore a few today. We're happy to offer 20 gram teasers in almost every flavor, if you're on the fence about ordering the full size pouches. It's risk free way to sample our teas until discovering your favorite(s). So let's get started - browse our flavorful tea collection here. You'll get hooked after the first sip!

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