Value For Your Money


Your complete satisfaction matters. 

Giving you a tea-drinking experience that invigorates and inspires makes us happy. Your insatiable love for our loose leaf teas enables us to keep sharing the benefits of Tea Leaf Co. organic teas with the waiting world! Although we're an online retailer, we're pretty serious about our customers' happiness. We approach customer service in a boutique style manner giving you a memorable and highly personalized experience. Shopping with us will be unique and enjoyable - not simply another purchase or hassle. You'll often deal directly with our company Founder and President Stephanie who is very much hands on with each and every customer.  

All our packaging is biodegradable. It's sustainable and minimizes waste, making it friendlier to our planet. PLUS the cost savings in this area get passed on to you with extra delicious loose leaf tea in every pouch. Extra tea means extra cups of sipping pleasure! Our aroma-tight sealed tea pouches contain almost twice the amount of tea you'd get from other specialty loose leaf tea brands. With many other tea brands, your dollars carry the cost of expensive real estate and much of the fancy packaging. It's pretty simple. Pay for expensive real estate or receive more of what you love: high quality tea?  

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