Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Why Tea Leaf Co. Loose Leaf Tea?

It's no surprise that Tea Leaf Co. teas are not stuffed into tiny tea bags. Our teas are not the dusty bagged up sweepings of the mass production line. Tea bags hold back the flavor; loose leaf tea lets the flavor flood out for a much better brewing experience. No porous parcel on a string – whether square, circle, sphere or even pyramid – can compete with a loose leaf tea as it swells, unfurls and infuses unfettered in the pot. Our Oolong teas, for example, might increase twelve times in volume as it brews. That would require a very big tea bag!

New To Loose Leaf Tea? You're In Good Hands

Perhaps you're a master tea sommelier, connoisseur, aficionado, enthusiast or you could be brand new to the vast world of loose leaf tea. KOODOS for taking the leap! You're at the right place and we want to be part of your new experience. Send us a note here and enjoy a personal shopping experience with a fellow tea lover and our Founder, Stephanie. No matter where you rank on the tea saavy spectrum - when shopping for this ancient commodity known as Camellia Sinensis (ca-MEEL-e-a sy-NEN-sis) - taste, quality and value set apart GREAT tea from mediocre. After you indulge in your first cup of Tea Leaf Co., we believe you'll agree. 

Our Love For Tea

We all love our cuppa tea. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. There is something about tea that when consumed alone, brings serenity. When sipped and enjoyed with company, conversations are deeper, stories are more adventurous, hearts more empathetic - everything becomes more. Perhaps it's because tea has a special way to remove barriers and bring us to a state where we can be our true selves. 

Aside from the extensive health benefits in tea, the mere thought of this hot bevy alone immediately brings about a soothing and familiar feeling from within. From the high pitched whistling sound of the hot kettle, to the luscious aroma that releases as the steaming water gently pours over the tea leaves. To how peace and harmony take full resident of our entire being the moment we settle down with a cuppa tea in hand and escape to another world dreaming of a better tomorrow.

It’s a ritual we’ve witnessed our parents and grandparents alike, practice since the days when we were little lads and lassies. Always curious and wanting to be just like the grown-ups. It’s no wonder why we all played dressed up and created make shift tea parties with our dolls and GI Joe’s, just to mimic the adults in our world. It's ironic that we would each one day come to understand and experience the deep connection between humanity and it's love affair with tea.


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